Bluejack Kids Teaches, You Reinforce!

Each of the engaging, animated videos come with follow-up lesson plans to reinforce the targeted skill set. Lesson plans are built from empirical research that underpin the featured skill. In addition, activity worksheets and printable materials are ready to use and are differentiated for K-2 and 3-6 grade level students to enhance learning.

  • Ready to Use Lesson Plans

  • Printable Activity Materials

  • Virtual or In Person

  • Backed by Sound Research

  • Engaging & Interactive

  • Highly Effective

Download Sample Lesson Plan and Activity Worksheet

“My daughter deals with overwhelming worries. After watching and discussing the video, we were able to identify coping tools that she is now using to overcome one of her worries. We are so thankful to Bluejack Kids for helping our daughter learn how to cope with worry.”

“My students have loved watching and learning from the Bluejack Kids videos and we are so excited to have more teaching materials available. The videos captured their attention and they had fun learning.”

“I have used these videos in my counseling sessions and have seen tremendous results. It is most certainly engaging for kids and segues into further discussion and reinforcement of concepts.”