Bluejack Kids was founded in 2017, with the mission to teach and enhance the social emotional development of young children. Psychological wellness research indicates that social and emotional learning is the cornerstone of lifelong academic and socio-economic success.

Bluejack Kids content was created by a visionary team of psychologists using up-to-date research. We believe in supporting teachers, parents and professionals by making social emotional learning more accessible to all. Our creative and innovative digital content targets core social skills competencies. We believe in equipping children with the tools to manage emotions, navigate friendships and build confidence all while having fun!

“We love that Bluejack Kids incorporates neuroscience to help students understand their brains and emotions. The videos are so well done, with a clear focus on diversity, belonging, and inclusion.”

Trauma Informed Educators Network

Bluejack Kids contributed to articles published by National Geographic Kids and Munchkin:

How to keep kids positive through the pandemic (
How to Empower Kids with Mindfulness (

Emotional well being is a pre-requisite to academic success.

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