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At Bluejack Kids, we have taken social emotional learning to new heights by offering a high interest media series based on social skills curriculum designed specifically for elementary aged children. Our animated and engaging content targets core social emotional learning competencies. Lesson plans, worksheets and materials are included.

Digital Content Library

Elementary Package Ages 5-11

All About Emotions
All About Emotions teaches emotional identification and how to name feelings. This digital series covers the nuances of reading facial cues in others to be able to respond appropriately. It delineates the power of naming emotions and teaches powerful coping strategies such as anger, frustration and worry management.

  • How Do You Feel?
  • Emotion Clues
  • The Power of Naming Your Emotions
  • Understanding Your Brain
  • Managing Feelings
  • Flip the Switch
  • Worry, Worry Go Away

All About Relationships
All About Relationships covers the exciting art of making and keeping friends. This digital series features training in communication skills, building trust, developing emotionally supportive behaviors, growing empathy, using teamwork, and managing conflict resolution.

  • Making Friends
  • Super Duper Detective
  • Communication in Friendships
  • Thought Bubbles
  • How to Grow Your Friendship
  • Building Trust in Friendships
  • Conflict Resolution

All About Me
All About Me illustrates a personal journey in identifying individual personality strengths. This digital series teaches skills such as assertive communication, perseverance, goal setting, courage, and decision making. It leaves the viewer inspired to be in charge of his or her inner thoughts.

  • Confident Me
  • Confident vs. Non-Confident Body Language
  • Communicate Assertively
  • Pop the Negative Talk
  • Celebrate You
  • Set Goals